Mr.Ramírez: Brooklyn

Sweater from H&M. Shirt and trousers from Zara. Socks and printed shoes from Aldo. Shades from Oakley. 

Colors and patterns continuously inspire me, especially the ones you can see in NYC. The other day I went to Williamsburg and walked around Bushwick, a hipster neighborhood full of graffiti’s, cultural ethnic references and thrifts stores that define fashion diversity as I like… a magic potpourri of street style. I’m totally bound to that because I love to be eclectic with my personal style. So I decided to create an outfit based on this funky scenario. This is the look: graphic cool sweater shirt, polka-dots and animal print shoes...YES! Power mix and match all the way. My style goes from preppy boy to urban casual but always with a fun unusual touch. Visiting Brooklyn is always exciting and adventurous, especially because you can find unexpected beauty in every corner. That makes me happy!

Photos: Ale Poveda  

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