Mr.Ramírez: Prints

Pullover shirt, blazer, and trousers from H&M. Scarf from Aldo. Square pocket from Mr.Nieves. Socks from Florsheim. Shoes from Zara. 

If you are looking to make a big difference in your wardrobe and pop out your style immediately, I recommend to start using prints on prints. Yes a lot of PRINTS! Funky or classic it doesn’t matter, just be ready to play with colors and shapes. On this outfit I decided to used an ethnic printed square pocket from Mr.Nieves spring-summer 2015. The main color on the square pocket is chartreuse so I mixed up with some pieces in the green color palette. I put on a dark green tartan scarf with multicolored stripes socks. The checks and the stripes complement the tribal print on the square pocket, which is the one that stands outThe brogue shoes and the grey shades from the jacket and trousers finish the idea of a stylish semi-casual look. Dare to take the risk and live in prints!!! 

Photos: Angel Conesa

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